Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is the most up-dated oral medication for strengthening of sexual vigor. At the moment, one of its components, Vardenafil is the most efficient mean among the similar stimulators of sexual vigor. Generic Levitra displays excellent effect from the very first intake, the result has no dependence on man’s age or form of erectile dysfunction; it is by 10 times more active than Viagra and exceeds Cialis by 13 times. One single pill of preparation ensures you with strong erection within 5-6 hours (bear in mind that erection is not involuntary and occurs by sufficient sexual stimulation). Thanks to its directed action Generic Vardenafil has low limit of potential side effects. 91% of patients presented recovery of erectile function after intake of 20 mg starter dose of Levitra.

Vardenafil shall be used 30 minutes prior to the beginning of sexual transaction. Recommended daily dose of Levitra amounts to 20 mg of Vardenafil, which equal to a one pill. Occasionally, recommended dose of preparation may appear insufficient effect; in such a case the dose may be increased up to 40 mg per day.

Generic Levitra is available for sale both in online stores and pharmacies. However, if you buy levitra online, then the price would be much lower in comparison with pharmacies. Low prices make online stores a very popular place for buying levitra online of these types of medication and their sales volumes keep growing. Levitra cost about € 1.33