Kamagra Gold

Package Price Per pill Savings Order
100mg x 12 tablet $49.95 $4.16
100mg x 20 tablet $59.95 $3.00 $23.30
100mg x 32 tablet $79.95 $2.50 $53.25
100mg x 60 tablet $134.95 $2.25 $114.80
100mg x 92 tablet $199.95 $2.17 $183.00
100mg x 120 tablet $239.95 $2.00 $259.55
Package Price Per pill Savings Order
50mg x 12 tablet $46.95 $3.91
50mg x 20 tablet $54.95 $2.75 $23.30
50mg x 32 tablet $71.95 $2.25 $53.25
50mg x 60 tablet $119.95 $2.00 $114.80
50mg x 92 tablet $169.95 $1.85 $190.00
50mg x 120 tablet $199.95 $1.67 $269.55


Kamagra Gold is the medical low-cost remedy that you can buy online that is intended for usage to receive the sustained and lasting penis erection to men. The molecular action of the medicine is inhibition of the enzyme cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase, which normally regulates the saturation of penis’ cavities with blood. When inhibited, the enzymes temporarily turns off allowing the blood flow to fulfill the cavities with the much bigger amount of blood that causes an erection. But you should be aware that erection does not occur itself after intake of this not costly drug – it must be stimulated to be erected.

Kamagra Gold contains Sildenafil citrate, 100 mg per pill, which is the main active ingredient. Over the counter Kamagra wins from Viagra in the cheap price significantly only because Viagra was invented much earlier and it had been popularized throughout the world, while Kamagra is a relatively recent remedy that has no such active advertising but uses absolutely the same functional basis. One pill of over the counter cheap Kamagra Gold is enough for 24 hours (please, do not take more than 1 tablet per this period to avoid the adverse effects). Before using it, for the best assurance in the right dosage (knowing that there are 100 mg of active ingredient per pill) and intake, please address your doctor for advice. Be aware that fat food makes the work of this remedy worse.

Before intake of this low-price remedy that you can buy online, make sure you don’t have such problems as too high/low blood pressure, anemia or heart diseases, or failures; otherwise, you may face the severe contraindications resulting in heart work problems. The list of illnesses also includes eyes problems and chest pains. Also, don’t take any spirits with the remedy.

Side effects
Immediately address your medical adviser is you have any of those side effects: vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, bad working stomach and so on. Do not think that this is a kind of remedy that must be taken according to schedule, so there is no such thing as missed dose.