Shipping Policy

We propose the medications which are produced in India. As it is a long distance to make a delivery fast, in general it takes 10-17 days to reach our customer. Due to specific reasons, some additional delay exceeding 5 days might appear in the course of entire of consignment.

When the dead-line of delivery is expired, you should call our support customer officers to inform about non-delivery of your goods. The reasonable way and method of solving the problem will be provided to you immediately.

Order Cancellation Policy

Having submitted your order you may feel free to cancel it within the following 24 hours if you decided to change your mind. You simply need to get in touch with one of our support team officers by calling them or sending e-mail and inform about your intention to cancel your order. Since the 24 hours period expired, we cannot accept any order cancellation.

Make certain that you filled out your order form in a proper manner as any mistake occurred in shipping address may lead to non-delivery of your order. In case you have discovered any inaccuracy in your shipping address details, please contact us at your earliest opportunities to proceed with necessary corrections.

Refund Policy

We furnish the products which are implied to be the generic analogies to their correspondent trademark items. We assure you that they are chemically equivalent and they can produce the same healing results.

Since some dissatisfaction of the results may appear, we recommend you to contact us and report on the experienced situation. We provide you with the return address to send back our medicines. As soon as it reaches our return point, we will initiate the refund procedure in due course.

If you decide to contact us, firstly you should be confident that you have read the attached instruction for use, followed the necessary recommendations and taken the precise dosage of the medicine. On the other hand, we do not recommend taking fatty food and any kind of alcohol before usage of the product as it can slow down the presupposed effect of this medicine.

If delivery of the ordered product did not meet the expected deadline (normally, the delivery is performed within 10-17 days, extra 5 days should be accounted for fulfilling necessary custom control procedures) you may communicate with our support team and ask them to proceed with the refund. You will be reimbursed in full volume and the amount you have paid for the product will be transferred to your credit card. Within 5-7 working days the refund operations will be completed and you will see the appropriate statement on your credit card movements.

Taking into account the distinguishing characteristics of the medicine we offer, no returns are accepted. As there is no guarantee that the storage conditions were duly accounted while the order was transported, by no means we can accept it even there is no evidence of unpacking the parcel.

Privacy Policy

We confirm our understanding that information you provide us is of paramount importance. We do follow all reasonable steps to use in with due care and caution and guarantee the non-disclosure of this information to any other companies or third party which provides appropriate services.

We can assure you that our transaction page allow you to make any transactions without any risk as we realize the scope of our security obligations before our clients. To secure the information provided to us we exploit the 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which encrypts all input data. Our billing servers allow us to keep your information safeguarded and confidential as they are duly certified by authorized and independent agents.

We ask our clients to enter only the last 4 digits of their credit cards. In this way no one even our customer support operators have any access to the credit card details.

Terms & Conditions

This web site and all its contents were designed exclusively for those who have access to it from Cyprus. Either using this web site or purchasing on it of any products would mean that the law of the Republic of Cyprus will be governing tool for such actions. Moreover these operations will be deemed to have done in Cyprus subject to the jurisdiction of Cypriot courts as a matter of fact.

Only person who is at least 18 years old is allowed to become a registered user of this web site on the condition that all data provided is true and valid. It will be the sole responsibility of each individual user for proper utilization of our web site and the question of secure storage of the log-in details should not be ignored in order to avoid misuse of them.

Centralux limited has been preparing the composition of this web site. Being entirely committed to the rules of law at its utmost extent Centralux limited hereby disclaims all warranties of any kind regarding the content of this web site. These terms may be subject to any variation at any time.

Centralux limited and its senior management or affiliated companies shall bear no responsibilities for any claims or losses which may arise from the use of this web site directly or indirectly excepting that this exclusion of liabilities does not imply such damages that connected with death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Centralux limited personnel or management.

Information represented on this web site is regarded as the information for general use and enlightenment, bears no professional medical implication and aimed at the development of your cooperation with appropriate medical institutions rather than for the substitution of them. Make confident you have thoroughly read all medication packaging and labels before you take it. In case you know or suppose you may have some illness or disease, you are strongly recommended to consult your doctor at your earliest possibilities, especially if you intend to take any new medications and you are already observed by the doctor.

You may use all links on this web site to other web sites for any of your personal purposes and conveniences but Centralux limited shall bear no responsibility or liability for the content of these links and they could not serve as the content approval.

The loss of validity and enforceability of some of these terms does not affect the nature and quality of the remaining provisions.

The idea of this website is the suggestion to treat. Once a customer place any order it is regarded as an intention to buy, which Centralux Limited may accept or deny in its own discretion and supply no clarification on the reason of doing so. Then, a confirmation email means that we receive our customer order on this website. Since the sale invoice is issued followed by the pharmacist order’s inspection, it is deemed that the contract is made. No P.O. boxes are accepted for the purposes of shipment; only valid address is required for the deal.

If we are talking about the medication supply to USA, it is become evident that this supply would be a subject to US Customs and FDA control at the border crossing point. This may cause the delay or non-delivery of the order. Centralux limited is not capable to inform you the exact time of delivery of your order. In case the US Custom takes the decision to seize your order, Centralux Limited will not be able to reimburse you the costs for detained goods taking into consideration the circumstances of such non-delivery. All the above mentioned means that you understand that it is your personal responsibilities to be prepared for any delays of your order and all the expenses incurred during the shipment of your order will be exercised solely by you and in full volume in case of the seizure of your order by US Custom.

Your statutory rights by no means may be affected by the terms and conditions hereby.

You can place an order for goods on our site providing that the requested items are present and limited to stock on hand.

Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy document along with the following list of Prohibited Activities is an integral part of your Agreement with Centralux Ltd. Centralux Ltd reserve the right to put on hold or even terminate your account if there would appear a solid evident that you are engaged in any of the activities not permitted by this AUP document.

This Acceptable Use Policy (the Policy) was designed with the aim of assisting to safeguard Centralux Limited Services as well as its customers and all the Internet users in general from any untrustworthy or even illegitimate actions. The Policy represented by a non-exclusive list of the actions forbidden by Centralux Limited which it may alter or modify at any time at its own discretions.

Forbidden Uses of Centralux Ltd Systems and Services:

  1. Transmission, dissemination or keeping custody of any material which infringe any applicable law or regulation is forbidden. This includes, but not limited to, the trade of any secret information or other intellectual property right without due permission, and material that is indecent, slanderous, aggregates the potential danger, or disregards export control laws.
  2. Dispatching Unsolicited Bulk Email (“UBE”). It is strongly prohibited to mail any kind of Unsolicited Bulk Email through Centralux Ltd’s servers as well as sending it from another service provider with the aim of promulgation of website or other means of communications or facilities as well as utilization any resources hosted on Centralux Ltd’s servers. Centralux Ltd accounts or services are not supposed for pleading customers from sending messages or collecting replies to those of them which were dispatched from another Internet Service Provider if those messages disobey the provisions of this Policy or that of the other provider.
  3. Managing Unconfirmed Mailing Lists. The subscription of email addresses to any mailing list which is not confirmed by duly expressed and verified agreement of the email address owner’s will be banned. Centralux Limited is only allowed to administer the confirmed mailing lists which must be Closed-loop (Confirmed Opt-in). All subscription confirmation messages which were collected from email address owners should be stored on file and saved for the whole duration and validity of such mailing lists. It is not permitted to mail the purchasing lists of email addresses from 3rd parties from any Centralux Ltd-hosted domain, or reference any Centralux Ltd account.
  4. All ways of disclosure, dissemination or exhibition of any software, program, product, or service that may disregard this AUP or the AUP of any other Internet Service Provider, which includes, but is not limited to, the boosting of Unsolicited Bulk Email sending, activation of pinging, flooding, mail attacking, rejection of service strikes.
  5. Running an account as a substitute of, or dealing with, or re-trading any service to, individuals or companies recorded in the Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) database at spamhaus.org.
  6. Illegitimate attacks by a user to access any account or computer resource which is not possessed by that user (e.g., “cracking”).
  7. Getting or making attempt to get the desired service without due payment with the use of any device or taking any possible measures to achieve it.
  8. Unauthorized access, alteration, ruination, or any attempt thereof, of any information of any Centralux Ltd customers or end-users by any means or device.
  9. Deliberately engage in any activities that may lead to harass, or that will cause a reject-of-service (e.g., synchronized number sequence attacks) to any other user whether on the Centralux Ltd network or on another provider’s network.
  10. Utilizing Centralux Ltd’s Services to interfere with the use of the Centralux Ltd network by other customers or authorized users.

Customer Responsibility for Customer’s Users

Each Centralux Ltd customer bears responsibilities for the activities of its users and, by accepting service from Centralux Ltd, is agreeing to certify the acknowledgement  of this Policy by its customers/representatives or end-users. Complaints about customers/representatives or end-users of an Centralux Ltd customer will be sent to the Centralux Ltd customer’s postmaster for action. In case of the Centralux Ltd Acceptable Use Policy infringement, Centralux Ltd reserves the right to terminate services with or take appropriate measure to stop illegitimate actions of such disobliging customer in regard to Centralux Ltd’s AUP as Centralux Ltd deems appropriate, without notice.


  1. Our company bears no responsibility for, and distinctly disclaims all liability for any delay in delivery which does not outreach 10 days after the indicated estimated date of delivery. 10 (ten) days after the indicated estimated date of delivery, or the next business day, in case of a local holiday, is considered a deadline.
  2. Our company is not responsible for the failure of delivery in case if the address indicated by Customer is insufficient, wrong or such which does not allow a successful delivery in any other way.
    Our company is not responsible for failure of delivery in case if Customer kept from claiming the package, refrained from it or hampered its successful delivery. Only International Regular Mail will be used for reshipment in such cases.
  3. Our company bears no responsibility for, and abdicate all liability for a delivery of any generic product which, in Customer’s opinion, have color, shape and size of the pill different from those that were expected by the Customer, or any marking are printed on, or branded upon pills, which bear a marketing name, or were made by another manufacturer different from the one Customer expected to get.
    All available materials about the generic product, presented on the website, such as, but not limited to – thumbnails, product images, manufacturer names and marketing names, are there exclusively for information purposes.
  4. Our company has no responsibilities and clearly disclaims all liability if the lack of efficiency of the received product was experienced when the product was purchased for off-label use.
  5. When you place an order with our company, thus you confirm that you have read, understood and confirmed your consent with this disclaimer. In case you are going to claim your payment back for any of the reasons listed above, it will be qualified as fraudulent, may result to legal action and consequently to ban from our system.